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What do you do on your Day Off?

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“What happens when an LA brand and an LA band get together on their day off? Kim and Tricia of Chicharon Adventures and Jon, Matt, Glen, Boj, Chez, and Mart of the Rhythm Natives explored Downtown Los Angeles from Angel’s Knoll Park to Little Tokyo. Sporting sweatshirts from the CA Winter ’09 line, they we recorded by their good friend, Alex Rapada.”

Now go hit up and buy some shit & and download some shit!


Food for your eyes, Food for your ears….

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2010 by missxkitty

I know this blog is supposed to be about great eats and great trends.. but I haven’t been able to chow down lately… so let me feed you through your eyes and are the latest things I’ve been watching and listening to…

First up, Karl Lagerfeld’s Vol de Jour — In this short film, the lovely couple can have as much Chanel as the could possibly dream about. They raid Chanel boutiques all over Paris, grabbing everything they love while spending quality time together… something we all dream about!

Next, C. Pablo’s latest mixtape..this has definately been on repeat. Must download!

Enjoy yall…

It’s a new year…

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It’s a new year yall and I am officially entering the blog world. I’ve been wanting to start one for a min.. so finally, here I am. Hopefully it will be a good way to express myself in ways other than typical rants and raves about what I did on a saturday night or the lastest pictures off my camera (not saying I wont have those posts, ha).. but I’d like to share with you my life experiences and what i love best… FASHION & FOOD. My goal is to share with you the latest trends that I’m feelin to the lastest spots I’ve been choppin it down at. Whatever life experiences I may have at 23 years old, allow me to stimulate you through my word and may all of you come to me with your comments, ideas, and concerns… let’s inspire each other! Now that the typical intro. moment is over… let the blogging ensue!