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Street Couture

Posted in all about fashion on January 27, 2010 by missxkitty

Have you ever walked down the street and see something on someone you are completely envious of?? Those, “I DIE!” moments or “Damn, I wish i copped those first!” The following photographs don’t need a lot of describing, the pictures speak for themselves. I picked these particular photos because they were the first to catch my eye…and by reading my blog you probably see that I’m really diggin’ all black everything, anything & everything with studs and leather, menswear, geometric shapes, rock chic, and the list goes on. They are a collection of a wide array of fashion items walking the streets of Paris, Milan, New York City, Los Angeles, and everywhere else around the globe from designers such as YSL, Chanel, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Christian Louboutin, etc… let the photos speak for themselves and let the salivating begin…

photo credits: Jak&Jil, Style, Knight Cat


One Size Fits All….

Posted in all about fashion on January 20, 2010 by missxkitty

Ladies, all i gotta say is… love yourself, be confident, and strut your stuff! Bigger is always better, and there’s always more to love 🙂

One of my favorite photographers, Terry Richardson, has taken the idea of “One Size Fits All” and busted out with a BANGIN’ spread for ‘V Magazine.’ Jacqueline Joblonski and Crystal Renn (the thicker mama, respecitvely) were shot in the same outfits and the result was a fierce ass photo spread….Beyonce would be proud  🙂

Both models look fierce, but I must say, the missy with curves is lookin goooooooooood.

V Magazine’s latest issue is called ‘The Size Issue’ and here are a couple of pics from the spread…sexxyyyy 🙂

I know you like that thickness!

What The Hellz?!?!?!

Posted in all about fashion on January 15, 2010 by missxkitty

LADIES… my eyes are drooling. I can’t wait to cop these:

These beauties are the final product of the Hellz x Vans Collaboration for 2010. I think these kicks are simply amazing and the Hellz Bellz brand is about to break out…i can feel it. Not like they weren’t doin their thang the past couple of years, I just feel that the more and more times passes, Hellz keeps surpassing my expectations and is continuing to break boundaries for all women’s streetwear today.

A better view:

Miss Lawn of Hellz Bellz talks about her latest project:

“The Hadley is inspired by my love of vintage motorcycle boots with zippers and metal lace eye hooks detailing the black leather high top, The Sophie is an updated saddle shoe that’s been stripped down and built from the ground up with Hellz’s unique design aesthetic: Die cuts, metallic color blocking and buckle strap details.” – Lanie “misslawn” Barcena

And just for kicks….lets not forget Hellz’ other sneaker project that came out earlier this year – Their Reebok collaboration. These kicks are glammed out with some tough-luxe studs on the side panel and black/white graphics on the inside lining. And check this — the outsoles also feature a quote in the label’s usual sassy manner – “I’m ten steps ahead of you.”

Enjoy Ladies:

A little trend that’s been buzzin’ around…

Posted in all about fashion on January 14, 2010 by missxkitty

As you can tell from my last post, I’m really starting to feel the whole thinking outside of the box, and picking up some unique fashion trends. I’ve always been obsessed with Disney, especially Minnie Mouse. I first fell in love with her when I dressed up as her one Halloween when I was about 6 or 7 years old. So when Louis Vuitton sent their interpretation of bunny ear headbands down the runway, I was captivated. This little furry friend trend is making its way among different designers and I personally think its an adorable way to play dress up that marries the sexiness of a vintage playboy bunny with the elegance of high fashion. So, for those of you who are wondering… “Kat, how the hell am I supposed to rock bunny or mouse ears?”… Well, here are my two cents….

Do: Maybe wear a clean, tight bun or go for a sex-kitten voluminous hair-do ….have fun with your hair and be confident!

Don’t: Don’t go crazy on the look by ‘completing the costume.’ I mean, don’t be adding all these props to your wardrobe and make it look like an actual costume. Less is more!

Do: Wear it for a fun night out with the girlies or some playful activity during the day…a big set of bunny ears is probably not so great for the office, hahaha.

Don’t: be too cutesy or girly with this look… BE SEXY! there’s a thin line between sexiness and girly innocence with this trend that makes it work.. trust!

Example #1 – Louis Vuitton rockin’ the ears on the runway

Example #2 – A casual day outfit using the Louis Vuitton Ears as an accessory

Other Examples of the cute accessory – Check out Chanel Iman as Minnie Mouse

So…. what do yall think??? Are you gonna be rockin some ears soon?


Posted in all about fashion on January 13, 2010 by missxkitty

(pic #1- Dolce&Gabbana/pic #2-Chole/pic#3-Chanel)

How many of you out there are catching on to the latest trend of dressing up in your boyfriend’s jeans or favorite button up, or even throwing on an oversized blazer? I definately know that I’m catching on to this tip… it’s fashionable, sexy, and comfy all at the same time!

This whole masculine meets feminine look is really starting to catch on.  Fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent was the pioneer for this androgynous look that continues to make a statement to this day.  The word androgyny was built from “andro” meaning “man” and “gyn” meaning woman. Put ’em together and what do you get? One hot fashion trend, pioneered on the catwalks by labels such as YSL and Balenciaga by models wearing stacks of guyliner.

(All pics – YSL Unisex Edition)

So….what’s my two cents on this new look??? I think that men are attracted to women that dress like men. Plain and simple. Dressing that way is something that men can understand. All of the frills and lace and ruffles, they can’t comprehend sometimes. I think that for the most part, women dress to either impress or flirt with the desire of their female counterparts. Will it stick around? I’d say so.

(Chanel Iman & Agyness Deyn in Menswear)

(Victoria Beckham in a Tailored Suit)

Let’s be honest, NO trend lasts forever. They just rotate, picking up new ones while alternating between old ones. This is why they’re called trends, and its called trendy clothing… and why we call it fashion. People often give shit to trends, but really, what would fashion be without them? Seriously, what would we wear???

Here are a couple of shots of me rockin’ the look..if i were a boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……

**Click Image for Larger Pic**

(Outfit Details: pic#1-Blazer: vintage/Top: h&m/Leggings: american apparel/Watch: Michael Kors/Glasses: Vintage/Heart: Custom Lego)

(Outfit Details: pic #2-Blazer, Scarf, Leggings: Urban Outfitters/Shoes: Target/Earrings: F21)

(Outfit Details: pic #3- Top: American Apparel/Boyfriend Jeans: H&M/Shoes: Blk&Red Jordan IVs)

(Outfit Details: pics #4-Top: American Apparel/Scarf:Urban Outfitters/Jeans: H&M/Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins)