One Size Fits All….

Ladies, all i gotta say is… love yourself, be confident, and strut your stuff! Bigger is always better, and there’s always more to love 🙂

One of my favorite photographers, Terry Richardson, has taken the idea of “One Size Fits All” and busted out with a BANGIN’ spread for ‘V Magazine.’ Jacqueline Joblonski and Crystal Renn (the thicker mama, respecitvely) were shot in the same outfits and the result was a fierce ass photo spread….Beyonce would be proud  🙂

Both models look fierce, but I must say, the missy with curves is lookin goooooooooood.

V Magazine’s latest issue is called ‘The Size Issue’ and here are a couple of pics from the spread…sexxyyyy 🙂

I know you like that thickness!


5 Responses to “One Size Fits All….”

  1. marcxmartyr Says:

    ohhh yesss !

  2. yesss…i saw this spread too! i love ittt, makes me so proud! “thick is delicious” i remember some guy telling me that. LOL. yaaaay!


  4. thicky thick chick where you at with that

  5. thicky thick chicks where you at with that

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