What The Hellz?!?!?!

LADIES… my eyes are drooling. I can’t wait to cop these:

These beauties are the final product of the Hellz x Vans Collaboration for 2010. I think these kicks are simply amazing and the Hellz Bellz brand is about to break out…i can feel it. Not like they weren’t doin their thang the past couple of years, I just feel that the more and more times passes, Hellz keeps surpassing my expectations and is continuing to break boundaries for all women’s streetwear today.

A better view:

Miss Lawn of Hellz Bellz talks about her latest project:

“The Hadley is inspired by my love of vintage motorcycle boots with zippers and metal lace eye hooks detailing the black leather high top, The Sophie is an updated saddle shoe that’s been stripped down and built from the ground up with Hellz’s unique design aesthetic: Die cuts, metallic color blocking and buckle strap details.” – Lanie “misslawn” Barcena

And just for kicks….lets not forget Hellz’ other sneaker project that came out earlier this year – Their Reebok collaboration. These kicks are glammed out with some tough-luxe studs on the side panel and black/white graphics on the inside lining. And check this — the outsoles also feature a quote in the label’s usual sassy manner – “I’m ten steps ahead of you.”

Enjoy Ladies:


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