(pic #1- Dolce&Gabbana/pic #2-Chole/pic#3-Chanel)

How many of you out there are catching on to the latest trend of dressing up in your boyfriend’s jeans or favorite button up, or even throwing on an oversized blazer? I definately know that I’m catching on to this tip… it’s fashionable, sexy, and comfy all at the same time!

This whole masculine meets feminine look is really starting to catch on.  Fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent was the pioneer for this androgynous look that continues to make a statement to this day.  The word androgyny was built from “andro” meaning “man” and “gyn” meaning woman. Put ’em together and what do you get? One hot fashion trend, pioneered on the catwalks by labels such as YSL and Balenciaga by models wearing stacks of guyliner.

(All pics – YSL Unisex Edition)

So….what’s my two cents on this new look??? I think that men are attracted to women that dress like men. Plain and simple. Dressing that way is something that men can understand. All of the frills and lace and ruffles, they can’t comprehend sometimes. I think that for the most part, women dress to either impress or flirt with the desire of their female counterparts. Will it stick around? I’d say so.

(Chanel Iman & Agyness Deyn in Menswear)

(Victoria Beckham in a Tailored Suit)

Let’s be honest, NO trend lasts forever. They just rotate, picking up new ones while alternating between old ones. This is why they’re called trends, and its called trendy clothing… and why we call it fashion. People often give shit to trends, but really, what would fashion be without them? Seriously, what would we wear???

Here are a couple of shots of me rockin’ the look..if i were a boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……

**Click Image for Larger Pic**

(Outfit Details: pic#1-Blazer: vintage/Top: h&m/Leggings: american apparel/Watch: Michael Kors/Glasses: Vintage/Heart: Custom Lego)

(Outfit Details: pic #2-Blazer, Scarf, Leggings: Urban Outfitters/Shoes: Target/Earrings: F21)

(Outfit Details: pic #3- Top: American Apparel/Boyfriend Jeans: H&M/Shoes: Blk&Red Jordan IVs)

(Outfit Details: pics #4-Top: American Apparel/Scarf:Urban Outfitters/Jeans: H&M/Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins)


One Response to “Man, I Feel Like a Woman: ANDROGYNOUS FASHION”

  1. girrrrll, i feel you. also turning one of their knit sweaters into a dress. but it aint a BFs wardrobe for me, its me dads. haha! but you rockin that thing like…

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